Let the dances last

Opportunity for fun, occasion for celebration and mental uplift are the events throughout the territory of western Mani.

Diffuse melodies evoke fun and joy and the holidays are dressed up by the experience of close contact with the local tradition. Means of connection or reconnection with the place and the people, the events and the festivals, capture the identity of each region which invites you to become a part of it. Below are the most important.

On July 19, a pilgrimage to the Pyramid of the Prophet Elias takes place. In the small - roofless - brick chapel fires are lit all night, while the bell rings at 2 in the morning and the Divine Liturgy lasts until sunrise.

Just minutes before sunrise and when the atmosphere is clear, the perfectly equilateral triangular shadow of the pyramidal peak of Taygetos, the famous "pyramid effect", is formed in the Messinian Gulf.

The festivals in the dominant month of summer in August are everywhere with Trachila on the 15th of August starring. The most atmospheric festival takes place in the picturesque stone village.

However, the menu also includes events of historical memory such as those of the National Resistance organized by the Association of Saidonites, the Local Council and the resistance organizations of Messinia. The events take place from 1998 until today in the second ten days of August to honor our National Resistance and the victims. The monument was renovated in 1996 with the addition of new plaques and the registration of the fallen and victims of the former municipalities of Kardamili and Lefktro.

If you are in the area in June do not miss the festival of the Agias Triadas (Holy Trinity) in Stoupa on June 8.

Current events in the municipality of West Mani

The seasonal Fire Brigade was inaugurated in Proastio of the Municipality of West Mani

The Fire Brigade of the Proastio of West Mani was inaugurated yesterday, Sunday, June 28, in the afternoon

International Jazz Festival

The International Jazz Festival of Kardamyli has emerged as a special festival that fills Mani