Beautiful small beaches, charming coves and bays, popular beaches, this is the water embrace in which the unruly land of Mani succumbs to spread the vastness of the dreamy blue. The sea of ​​Greece that carries within it the feeling of the ecumenical and the eternal tirelessly in its arms.

Beaches all unique, with this thing that sets them apart, crystal clear with their turquoise waters to make the coastline of West Mani proud to exist in its dowry.

Meet each one separately and dive into the Greek summer. Let every meaning and scourge end in its waters and experience the relaxation, fun and escape to the dream they promise.


World-famous beaches and extremely popular. The official beach of Kardamyli is Ritsa, but its crystal clear waters can also be enjoyed on the beaches of Delfinia, Kalamitsi and Foneas.

In Ritsa, dressed in olive trees, you will enjoy the Greek sun on its large pebble beach. Delfinia beach is also big, located between Stoupa and Kardamyli. It boasts of its transparent waters, the green slopes that surround it, the dark sand and the fine pebbles. Here you will not find for those who are looking for the organization with sunbeds and umbrellas but you will almost always find calm waters, since it is protected from the bay.

One of the first beaches that you will encounter entering the municipality of West Mani is the cosmopolitan beach of Sandova in the area of Avia. It is the ideal beach for lovers of fun and crowds and has many beach bars that organize daily parties. The beach is with fine sand, fully organized with a lifeguard and water sports facilities.

After the beach of Sandova through a picturesque route and passing through the homonymous fishing village, is the beach Kitries. Green waters, scattered rocks and pebbles can be found on the small beach Kitries. This beach is mainly chosen by families, as it is suitable for quiet longboats away from the crowds.

In the small and picturesque beach of Kalamitsi, 1.5 km from Kardamyli, you will enjoy crystal clear and the most turquoise waters of West Mani in the shade of tall cypress trees. The beach is ideal for children as its waters are shallow for a long distance from the mainland.

Fonea beach, the beach with the threatening name and the friendly mood since it casts the redemptive shadow of its rocks without exception. Most people value the one who is in the center of the beach as a pedestal. Its waters are turquoise, with white pebbles and you will find it 4 km outside Kardamyli in the direction of Aeropolis. But you need to be careful when it blows west because then maybe its wild beauty will make you wonder if that is why it got its name…

The huge sandy beach of Stoupa is located 7 km south of Kardamyli and is the most touristic and organized beach of West Mani. But equally beautiful and very clean, since here flow underground currents that start from Taygetos. It spreads in front of the main road and has coarse sand. Here the pulses never fall, since cafes, restaurants and beach bars, give rhythm morning and night !!!

The neighbor of Stoupa, the beach of Kalogria is also proud of its very clear waters, thanks to the underground currents. It has thick sand and is organized, busy and the mistress of those who engage in water sports.

Malsova beach or Pantazi beach as it is better known is located 2 km from the village of Agios Nikolas. This is a beach not as busy as the rest, but with less cold water. It is the favorite of the locals and here the tamarisk trees offer their coolness while the velvety blue of the sea alternates with its emerald green.

Beyond Pantazi beach and if you do not go out on the main road but follow the coastal road, the small picturesque port of Agios Dimitrios is waiting for you. To your right stretches the sea but down there in the rocks and caves, there is a well hidden secret, the Shelter. It is chosen by the nudists but not only. Spread your towel and “take a seat” on the rocks that when carved look like stands, to enjoy paradise in Adamian attire or not.

The adventurous will look for the sign on the coastal road that says “Trachila 8”. In Kaptanochori you will not find a beach with pebbles or sand but you will enjoy unforgettable dives from rocks and you will have the opportunity to admire an incredible seabed. Of course, the mask is also a necessary accessory. Look for the steep sea gorge with the three magic caves at the end of the village.