The seasonal Fire Brigade was inaugurated in Proastio of the Municipality of West Mani

The Fire Brigade of the Proastio of West Mani was inaugurated yesterday, Sunday, June 28, in the afternoon, in the presence of the Chief of the Fire Brigade, Lieutenant General Stefanos Kolokouris, and the Mayor of West Mani, Mr. Dimitris Giannimaras.

The inauguration was performed by Rev. Metropolitan of Mani Mr. Chrysostomos III. The ceremony was also attended by Messinia MPs Miltos Chrysomallis and Periklis Mantas, Deputy Regional Governor Stathis Anastasopoulos and the thematic Deputy Vassilis Kapelios, regional and municipal councilors, officers and non-commissioned officers of the Hellenic Armed Forces. “GAIA” Mani and residents of the area.

The Seasonal Fire Brigade is located inside the former Primary School of the Municipality of Proastio, a space provided and equipped by the Municipality of West Mani and will operate daily 24 hours a day.