Deputy Mayors

Deputy Mayors of the Municipality of West Mani, with a term of two years, from 1-.9-2019 to 31-8-2021

Deputy Mayor in charge of Technical Affairs Mr. Christeas Dimitrios ( – +306932904076)

– The implementation of T.P. and all kinds of technical issues as well as municipal property.
– The restoration of playgrounds
– Transparency, e-government and the Clarity Program
– Sports and youth issues
– The wedding ceremony in the absence of the Mayor.

Deputy Mayor in charge of Water Supply and Civil Protection, Mr. Lympereas Christos (+306973992747)

– Water supply, irrigation, sewerage and biological treatment
– Traffic (street signs, parking, etc.)
– Civil protection
– Flood and land improvement projects
– Of supplies
– The supervision of the beaches and the seashore and
– The environment and the green

Deputy Mayor in charge of Cleaning and Electricity issues, Mr. Vavaroutsos Georgios ( – +306908659639)

– The cleanliness of public areas
– Electric lighting
– The management of stray and unattended animals
– The responsibility of the operation of the municipal services in D.E. Αβίας
– The monitoring of the progress of the projects and works that are performed in D.E. Αβίας
– The care for the maintenance in good condition of the equipment located in D.E. Αβίας
– The cooperation with the presidents of the communities of DE Avia for the solution of their problems
– The signature with the authorization of the Mayor, certificates and certificates issued by the municipal services of D.E. Αβίας.



– Technical Issues Ms. Nifakou Christina-Phaedra ( – +306994025364)

– Culture, Technology and Internet Issues Mr. Louzis Panagiotis ( – +306955855303)

– Financial Issues Mr. Stavros Giannakeas ( – +306984627518)

– Technical Issues Mr. Dimitris Petridis ( – +306932242451)