Quality of Life and Orderly Operation of Cities & Settlements

Responsibilities of Municipalities

1.1 Ensuring and continuous improvement of technical and social infrastructure in cities and villages such as the construction, maintenance and management of water supply, desalination, district heating, electric lighting projects in public areas, the creation of green spaces, recreation areas, squares and public spaces .

1.2 The participation in the project of public transport and the carrying out of transport for the movement of residents of their area, as well as the transport for their service and leisure, as defined in article 83 and in the relevant legislation.

1.3 The definition, construction, maintenance and operation of underground and above ground parking spaces, as well as the control of car parking, in accordance with current legislation.

1.4 The regulation of traffic, the definition of sidewalks, one-way streets and traffic directions, the removal of abandoned vehicles and in general the taking of measures to avoid adverse effects on traffic safety, in accordance with the current legislation.

1.5 The determination of the places and the conditions of operation of the public markets and the fairs, for the exercise of outdoor commercial activities, that are carried out in their region, according to the relevant legislation, as well as the places for the temporary residence of mobile population groups.

1.6 The determination of spaces for the placement of outdoor advertising frames, as well as the determination of more specific construction specifications and conditions for the placement of advertising frames, in accordance with the local particularities within the framework of the current legislation.

1.7 Consumer protection through the establishment of Consumer Information Offices on issues related to their rights, the quality of goods and services offered and their impact on health and the environment, in cooperation with the competent authorities.

1.8 The definition of more specific terms and conditions of the establishment and installation of shops, businesses and leisure activities under their jurisdiction that affect the natural, cultural and architectural environment, as well as the aesthetics, physiognomy and general functions of the city.

1.9 The determination of the terms and hours of music operation in stores, which operate in the city, within the framework of the sanitary and regulatory provisions of the administration.

1.10 The care and taking of measures for the protection of public health, such as the sanitary control of the municipal and community water tanks, the sanitary control of the shops and enterprises that operate in their region, the control of the noise pollution, the common quiet and the emission of pollutants , noise and other environmental burdens from wheeled vehicles, the collection and in general the care for stray animals and the creation of shelters, in accordance with the current legislation.

1.11 The care and taking of measures for the protection of the life and property of the inhabitants, such as the control of the marking of the works carried out on the streets and the observance of the obligations of those who carry out works and deposit materials and tools on the streets of the municipal or community network, the taking of measures and control for protection from dangerous constructions, from lack of safety and hygiene measures in works that are performed and in general from activities that pose risks to the life and property of the inhabitants.

1.12 The care and taking of measures for the protection and upgrading of the aesthetics of cities and settlements.

1.13 The care and taking of measures for the unhindered access to the common areas.

1.14 The name of the streets, squares, the placement of information signs and the numbering of buildings.

1.15 The study of the maintenance and improvement projects of the road network under the responsibility of the municipality.

1.16 The elaboration of traffic studies, as well as the study, execution and supervision of the marking, signaling and electric lighting works of the road network of the municipality.

1.17 The definition of the urban bus lines, the starting point, the route, the stops and the end of the respective lines, as well as the definition of the specifications of the stops and the waiting shelters of urban and interurban passenger lines.

1.18 The determination of fares of urban transport providers.

1.19 The regulation of each issue, which concerns the installation, operation and maintenance of elevators, as well as the issuance of the relevant technical professional licenses, in accordance with the regulations of article 4 of p.d. 78/2006 (Government Gazette 80 AD) and the relevant K.Y.A.

1.20 The issuance of a construction or mechanical construction permit for the installation of a station antenna on land, in accordance with article 24 a of law 2075/1992 (Government Gazette 129 AD), as in force, and the imposition of sanctions on violators.

1.21 The issuance of an installation license and operating license for light fixtures, pipes, light signs and electric lifting machines, as well as the control of their operation.

1.22 The establishment of an amicable settlement committee for the out-of-court settlement of disputes between suppliers and consumers or consumer associations, the keeping of records of the findings of the relevant committee as well as the maintenance of a consumer register.

1.23 The determination of the specifications of the stops and the shelters for waiting of the passengers of the urban and interurban lines.

1.24 The prohibition of the creation of parking spaces in specific areas.

1.25 The receipt of the withdrawn two-wheelers, motorcycles and mopeds, where there are no branches of O.D.D.Y.

1.26 The determination of the external color of the TAXI.

1.27 The revocation of a city bus registration license, from the turnover, within the same calendar year according to article 31 of law 2963/2001.

1.28 The collection of stray dogs, as well as the establishment or improvement of shelter facilities for stray dogs.

1.29 Determining the start and end hours of seafarers ‘and artisans’ work.

1.30 The issuance of health booklets to skinners.

1.31 The issuance of producer licenses and their approval by the relevant municipality, where the producer resides. This responsibility does not concern the issuance of licenses in the Prefectures of Attica and Thessaloniki.

1.32 The contribution to the work of E.F.ET. and the performance of audits or other operations, requested by the authorized bodies of E.F.ET. and according to their instructions.

1.33 The issuance of licenses to practice the profession of repair and maintenance technicians of cars, motorcycles and mopeds.

1.34 The issuance of licenses to practice the profession of road transporter of passengers and goods.

1.35 The issuance, renewal, revocation and withdrawal of trainers’ licenses, as well as the establishment and operation of schools for candidate drivers of cars and motorcycles.

1.36 The issuance of licenses for the establishment and operation of repair and maintenance workshops for cars, motorcycles and mopeds and other related facilities, as well as the performance of inspections and electrical inspections.

1.37 The granting of authorizations to car maintenance and repair workshops for the issuance of an Exhaust Control Card (K.E.K.), as well as the monitoring and control of the Exhaust Gas Control Centers.

1.38 The granting of authorizations to car maintenance and repair workshops for installation of speed limitation systems.

1.39 The approval of the Inspection Cards and Repairs of the rented vehicles.