Responsibilities of Municipalities

1.1 The elaboration of local programs for the protection and upgrading of the natural, architectural and cultural environment, in the context of national and European policies.

1.2 The protection and management of water resources, the protection of soil and inland waters from fishing (lagoons, lakes, fish farms, rivers) and the fight against pollution in their region.

1.3 The establishment and operation of municipal and community laboratories.

1.4 The cleanliness of all public areas of their territorial region, the collection and management of waste, as well as the construction, maintenance and management of sewerage and biological treatment systems and the taking of preventive and repressive measures for the protection of public areas and especially waste from a fire, in accordance with the relevant legislation.

1.5 The provision of assistance to the competent fire service, with all appropriate means at their disposal, to deal with fires, especially in areas that have a forest character.

1.6 The establishment and operation of slaughterhouses.

1.7 The study, management and execution of housing and urban development programs.

1.8 Taking measures for the rehabilitation and regeneration of the areas of their region, mainly in areas where the development of mineral wealth is developed and waste treatment plants are installed.

1.9 Taking measures for the restoration and regeneration of the areas of their region, mainly in areas where the development of mineral wealth is developed and waste treatment plants are installed.

1.10 The determination of the sites for the creation of cemeteries and the provision of an opinion for the determination of cremation sites for the dead.

1.11 The issuance of building permits, the pre-inspection for their issuance, the control of studies for building permits, related urban planning responsibilities, as well as the control and imposition of fines for the construction of arbitrary buildings, legislation, subject to case 45 of article 28 of the present.

1.12 The control of architectural, static, hydraulic and electromechanical studies, the study of thermal insulation, the study of passive fire protection and the relevant tax data for the issuance or revision of building permits of industrial buildings, in accordance with paragraphs 1 to 3 5 of p.d. 78/2006 (Government Gazette 80 AD).

1.13 The control of the application of road plans on the ground before the approval of the application signs.

1.14 The drafting of application diagrams and configuration diagrams.

1.15 The control of topographic diagrams intended for the preparation of settlement and actuarial operations or enforcement operations.

1.16 Supervision of topographic studies and studies of SP Implementation Acts.

1.17 The drafting of Implementing Acts.

1.18 The monitoring of the Clean Coasts – Clean Seas Program of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

1.19 The issuance of a decision for the designation of individual buildings or areas, within which the facades of the buildings must be completed within six (6) years from the issuance of the building permit or the above decision, in accordance with article 22 par. 6 of Law 1577/1985 (Government Gazette 210 AD).

1.20 The preliminary proposal for the regeneration of a certain area, in accordance with the regulations of articles 9 and 10 of law 2508/1997 (Government Gazette 124 AD).

1.21 The opinion to derogate from the construction conditions of buildings intended for livestock, poultry or aquaculture facilities, as well as storage facilities for fertilizers, medicines, fish feed, agricultural and fishery supplies, agricultural and fishery products, agricultural and fishery products.

1.22 The implementation of urban plans and related executive acts, which do not have a more general character.

1.23 The control of the implementation of road plans on the ground, according to article 115 K.V.P.N.

1.24 The implementation of approved plans on the ground, according to the provision of par. 1 of article 155 K.V.P.N.

1.25 The management of solid waste, in terms of temporary storage, transhipment, treatment, recycling and general utilization, disposal, operation of relevant facilities, construction of treatment and utilization units, as well as rehabilitation of existing landfills (ATHEX). The management is carried out, according to the respective planning, prepared by the Region during the more specific regulation of article 186 par. FS No. 29 of this law.

1.26 The care, in accordance with the applicable fire regulations, for the observance of the cleaning obligations, by the owners, prefectures, and usufructuaries, of the plots and other uncovered areas, located within cities, towns and settlements and at a distance of up to 100 meters from the their limits, as well as the obligation of ex-officio cleaning by the municipalities in case of non-compliance of the obligors. For those who do not comply, a fine of fifty (50) cents is imposed per square meter of the relevant space, which is the income of the relevant municipality, the equivalent of the relevant expenditure of the municipality for cleaning is confirmed against them and a complaint is filed for the offense of article 433 of the Penal Code.

1.27 Carrying out random checks in order to determine the quality of concrete reinforcement steels.

1.28 Carrying out sample checks in order to determine the quality of cement products.

1.29 The issuance of a license for the installation and operation of dry cleaners, washing machines, ironing machines and carpet cleaners.