Responsibilities of Municipalities

1.1 The implementation or participation in integrated local plans and action programs and initiatives for the implementation and development of policies to promote employment and social inclusion of various categories of unemployed, in the context of national and European policies.

1.2 Promotion and strengthening of entrepreneurship and vocational training services, with the establishment and operation of Vocational Guidance Centers and Vocational Training Centers adapted to local needs and particularities and especially of the populations of mountainous, rural and island areas, within the framework of national and European planning.

1.3 Contribute to the absorption of the labor force of their region by the development of counseling actions provided free of charge to the unemployed, with the aim of supporting and encouraging them to find employment, as well as to promote equal opportunities for access to the labor market, by creating Municipal and Community Employment Information Offices, in cooperation with the competent public bodies and the companies of their area.