Political weddings

The civil wedding takes place at the City Hall of Kardamili during working days and hours. [any expenses for the decoration of the room are borne by the bride and groom].
The bride and groom submit an application to which the marriage licenses are attached, in order to set the day and time of the civil marriage.
Before the wedding, the bride and groom draw up the Child Surname Act.
After the civil marriage, the Civil Marriage Statement is prepared, which is signed by the Mayor, the spouses and two witnesses.

The marriage license is issued at the place of permanent residence of each bride and groom [for each bride and groom separately.]

1. Application to the Mayor
2. Excerpt from the birth certificate
3. Birth or celibacy certificate [from the Municipal Register]
4. Responsible statement of Law 1599/1986 that it does not exist in the person of the applicant or in his relations with the person who is going to marry any of the obstacles of articles 1354, 1356, 1357, 1359, 1360, 1362 and 1365 of the Civil Code
5. Stamp fee worth € 15

1. If the application is submitted with the supporting documents in the protocol of the Municipality, a relevant notification is prepared, which is posted on the Announcement Board of the City Hall for [7] days. After the [7] days have passed, without any complaints, the marriage license is issued.
2. The marriage license is valid for [6] months.
3. The bride and groom receive the marriage license and are free to choose the place of the wedding.
4. In case one of the bride and groom is a foreigner, the following is required: a) a certificate from the consulate or other competent authority that there is no obstacle to the marriage, EU. The above [except the passport] are submitted with an official translation and APOSTILE stamp, where required.

Competent Service
Registry office
Tel .: +30 27210 64128 (for the Municipal Unit of Lefktro)
+30 27213 60408 (for the Municipal Unit of Avia)