The famous seaside tourist resort with its two picturesque and sandy beaches, is an attraction for many visitors from around the world. Its tourist infrastructure is more than remarkable. Its magical image hides small ports, caves, the hill of the Castle and the unsurpassed beauty beach of Kalogria. Where Kazantzakis and Zorbas met and their friendship, they traveled Greece around the world through the pages of the masterpiece “Life and state of Alexis Zorbas”. Look for the bust of Kazantzakis in the village but also the houses that both lived and that still exist on the right side of the beach, above the rocks.

The coastal zone is suffocating with life in the plethora of shops, taverns and bars at night, while the whole area offers all the necessary infrastructure to accommodate thousands of tourists. The beach of the village is located just below the coastal road and is organized.

East of Stoupa you will find the village of Lefktro. There are ruins of a Frankish castle, which offer a magnificent view and which during the Frankish period was rebuilt and given the name Beaufort, which means “beautiful castle”. According to Pausanias, there was the temple of Athena with her statue. Take some time to visit the New Suburb and the Prastovas lignite mine where Nikos Kazantzakis and Alexis Zorbas met and worked. The village also offers daily magnificent sunsets from wherever you are.

It is also worth mentioning that Stoupa has been included in the Telegraph list of the best “secret” seaside resorts in Europe.