As a centrifugal force, in a sheltered bay and under the protection of Taygetos, Kardamyli is undoubtedly the protagonist of her place. It stands like a gate – with traditional stone houses, towers and tower houses, cobbled streets, flowery courtyards, seaside taverns in picturesque harbors and atmospheric hostels – to lead you without realizing it, with its tranquil charm to its own quiet charm. unique world.

A place of harmonious contrasts, Kardamyli artfully mixes the olive groves with the cypresses and the bougainvilleas. Kardamyli combines mountain with sea and has in its dowry embroidered creeks at every turn of the road. Decorated with light, stone and sea, land and water, salt and the smell of Greece, overlooking the gulf of Messinia, Kardamyli could easily be the ideal base to discover the surrounding areas.

Rent a bicycle to visit Ancient Kardamyli, built on the mountain slope, above the newest settlement, on a hill with olive and cypress trees, with tower houses, built around the Byzantine church of Agios Spyridon with the magnificent bell tower museum of Mourtzina. Tower of Mourtzina is an amazing place that will take you to the era of the Revolution of 1821, while very remarkable efforts have been made to restore it. The Tower belonged to the last Mani captain of Kardamyli.

Alternatively, follow by car some of the most idyllic routes to get to know equally beautiful, stone and historically nearby villages of Taygetos such as Tseria, Exochori, Kastania and Milia. If you are a fan of hiking, the path of Biliovo and the gorge of Ridomo near Kardamyli are waiting for you to introduce you to the alternative face of Messinia.

It is also worth visiting the house of Patrick Leigh Fermor, an British-Irish writer and famous resident of the area, who wrote many works about Greece and Mani. The author fought as “Michalis” in the Resistance of Crete, but fell in battle with his love for Mani and chose to share it with his homeland. It is a house-museum in a beautiful location and a Mediterranean garden.

Finally, do not forget to take an excursion boat to the green island of Meropi, which stands opposite the ruins of Venetian walls and the church of Panagia that has been preserved since the 18th century.

You should also know that the story of Kardamyli dates back to the years of Homer who states that it was the first of the “seven favored and well-inhabited cities” that Agamemnon would give a dowry to Achilles if he married one of his daughters. Eventually it became one of the cities given to him in order to return to the siege of Troy. Kardamyli also played an important role in the revolution of 1821.

Kardamyli is connected to a network of marked paths with many picturesque villages close to Taygetos. Tseria, Exochori, Saidona, Kastania, Milia are some of them with stone houses, lonely towers and traditional cafes.