The typical Mani fishing village with its hearth burning in the picturesque, adorned with countless boats, its port. The village, also known as Selinitsa, a name that lasted until 1951, from the small moon or the beautiful little Eleni, since according to legend, from the port of Agios Nikolaos, called “Molsova”, Paris boarded with Nice Helen for Troy.

The village is located next to Stoupa and in its dowry has a small, beautiful beach with fine pebbles, next to the estuary of the river Pamisos or river of Milia, where there was the ancient Pefnos. It also boasts of its admirable classic buildings and picturesque streets. Every day he “greets” the islet of Pefnos that is opposite, the birthplace of the Dioscuri according to mythology. The coastal road is suitable for fishing, cycling and hiking. Here you will worship in the churches of Agios Myronas and of course Agios Nikolaos from where the village got its current name.

In the neighboring and also picturesque fishing village of Agios Dimitrios, on the road to Trachila, 3.5 km west you will discover the unexploited cave “Katafygio”, which according to experts is considered one of the largest in the country.