Rural Development-Livestock-Fisheries

Rural Development-Livestock-Fisheries

Powers of Municipalities
(drawn up in accordance with the Code of Municipalities of 3463/2006 Government Gazette 114/30.6.2006 and Law 3852/2010 Government Gazette 87/7.6.2010 Program «Kallikratis»)

1.1 The establishment and operation Office for Agricultural Development (GGA)

1.2 The design and execution of civil engineering infrastructure of local significance, relating to agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries, and particularly those related to rural roads, construction of reservoirs, pasture improvement projects and land reclamation projects.

1.3 The supervision of the municipalities where they are established, the Local Organizations Land Reclamation (T.O.E.V.) of the Interim Governing Board (PIP) and Local Committees Ardrefsis (TEA ) pursuant to Legislative Decree 3881/1958 (Government Gazette 181 A), as applicable, and delegated the adopted regulations, and utilization improvement projects by applying proper irrigation and drainage.

1.4 The pasture management.

1.5 Providing an opinion on the definition of Industrial and Business Areas (BEPE) and environmental impact assessment pursuant to article 5 of Law 2545/1997 (Government Gazette 254 A).

1.6 Research and study every issue for the development of agriculture, livestock and fisheries and preserve the rural, farming and fishing population to their homes.

1.7 The development, protection, monitoring and assessment of crop and livestock production.

1.8 Linking agricultural production and tourism development.

1.9 The promotion of programs to young farmers.

1.10 The assessment and monitoring of agricultural and livestock production and for their apolamvanomenon under producer prices of agricultural products.

1.11 The monitoring of the course of the markets in agricultural products and the taking of representative prices.

1.12 Updating the rural population for improved methods of production and organization of farms to address the technical, economic and structural problems in the programs of the Ministry of Rural Development.

1.13 Cooperation with research institutions in the agricultural, livestock and fisheries production.

1.14 The wider dissemination in the rural world, through educational programs, knowledge to implement improved methods of cultivation.

1.15 Better organization of farms under improvement plans.

1.16 The authorization to operate a veterinary office for farm animals, and special leave for storing pharmaceuticals.

1.17Implementation and control of the identification and registration of livestock in the municipality (ear tags for individual animal identification, electronic databases, animal passports, individual registers kept).

1.18 The licensing branch conservation, marketing and distribution of animals.

1.19 The provision of an opinion on health suitability of animal when it comes to traveling exhibition animals.

1.20 The granting of licenses for the establishment and operation ktinoptinotrofikon facilities in accordance with the provisions of Law 3698/2008 (Government Gazette 198 A).

1.21 The licensing, renewal, revocation and transfer operating retail and rural veterinary pharmaceuticals.

1.22 The granting of these licenses to the suitability of vehicles transporting animals.

1.23 The licensing and supervision of private veterinary practices, clinics clinics.

1.24 The license for the establishment and operation of zoos, the establishment of advisory committees of PD 98/2004 (Government Gazette 69 A), the inspections and enforcement of the provisions of Article 4 of PD 98/2004.

1.25 The supervision and control in the fisheries sector in the jurisdiction of the municipality.

1.26 The lease municipal land for industrial or craft purposes, farms, greenhouses and facilities for establishments in fishing.

1.27 Decisions destruction, disposal and approval of the outcome of the relevant auction or disposal of confiscated materials and means fishing (Article 7 § 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 420/1970, Government Gazette 27 A).

1.28 The decision to implement the program of development of aquaculture with timely and adequate production anagkaiountos (fry) juveniles to supply him with the individuals concerned pestrofokalliergiton (Article 110 paragraph A of PD 433/1977).

1.29 The collection and record keeping of aquaculture and fisheries in inland waters.

1.30 The preparation of studies and drafting popularized forms related activities marine fisheries, aquaculture and protection of aquatic ecosystems.

1.31 The organization of information meetings with fishermen, fish farmers and general workers in the fishing sector.

1.32 The approval for conducting enrichment of lakes and rivers and the establishment of the Prohibition period fishing by any means and tool lakes.

1.33 The licensing of fishing vessels to conduct trial fishing.

1.34 The decision setting the terms of recreational fishing licenses and the decision to restrict fishing in the lake Tavropos (Article 18 paragraphs 1 and 2 of Legislative Decree 420/1970).

1.35 The approval granted by the competent authorities clearancea fishing vessels for fishing in international waters and the withdrawal of such approval (Article 8, paragraph b subparagraph. Cc of Presidential Decree 915/1981, Article 14 of Royal Decree 666/1966, Government Gazette 160 A, and Article 1 paragraph 2 of the Royal Decree 152/1969 (Government Gazette 56 A).

1.36 The decision to release to public agencies or research institutions or legal entities of the public sector of floating instruments, tools and other equipment confiscated, if not pleistiriasthei (Article 2 § 3 of the n.1740/1987 Government Gazette 221 A, as substituted by paragraph 3 of Article 8 of Law 2040/1992 (Government Gazette 70 a).

1.37 The record keeping of all kinds of fish farms.

1.38 Addressing issues and suggest measures concerning the handling, processing, packaging, maintenance and marketing of fishery products in collaboration with relevant departments and agencies.

1.39 The imposition of special or additional restrictive measures of fishing for river and lake, lagoons and other water areas (Article 10 of Legislative Decree 420/1970, as replaced by Article 3 of n.1740/1987 and 9 Fri the 1st of Law 2040/1992).

1.40 The authorization to carry out sport fishing (PD 373/1985 Article 5 Fri the 2nd OG 131 A).

1.41 The administration of sport fishing license (Royal Decree 666/1966 Articles 1, 2, 3 (Government Gazette 160 A) and Presidential Decree 373/1985).

1.42 The license of diving equipment in cases investigations (PD 373/1985 Article 3 paragraph 2).

1.43 The approval of replacement fishing vessel (Royal Decree 666/1966, Presidential Decree 261/1991 Article 1 § 1a, 1b, 1c and Articles 3 and 4, OG 98 A).

1.44 The issue of a fishing license (Royal Decree 666/1966, Presidential Decree 261/1991, Article 1 par.1d).

1.45 The license transfer ownership professional license fishing vessel (Presidential Decree 261/1991 Article 2).

1.46 The machine replacement license fishing vessel (PD 261/1991 Article 4).

1.47 The imposition of sanctions on those who do not provide information on the production and value of catches of commercial fishing vessels (Presidential Decree 333/1990 Article 2 Official Gazette 143 A).

1.48 The fishing license fry fish and other aquatic organisms (Presidential Decree 54/1978, GG 10 A, PD 398/1990 Article 5 § 2b Gazette 159 A).

1.49 The assent to the importing of live aquatic animals and plants or algae or their eggs for artificial rearing or enrichment waters.

1.50 The approval granted by the competent authorities, licenses to fish in professional or amateur fishing boats or sponge (Presidential Decree 915/1981 Article 8 § b c Royal Decree 666/1966 Articles 2, 3, 4 para 2 and 11, Royal Decree 152/1969 Article 1 paragraph 2 GG 43 A).

1.51 Defining duration, start and end of the Prohibition period fishing in rivers territorial jurisdiction of the municipality (Presidential Decree 235/1979 Article 2 paragraph 1 GG 65 A).

1.52 The number of mechanically complex fisheries (purse seines) catch blocks in Greek part of Prespa Lake and the conditions under which it is carried out fishing (Royal Decree 142/1971 Article 2 § B1, GG 49 A).

1.53 The determination of the Prohibition period fishing by any means and tool lakes territorial jurisdiction of the municipality (Royal Decree 142/1971 Article 2 § B2).

1.54 Defining constraints in carrying on fishing within the technical lakes for the protection of works that exist in them (Royal Decree 142/1971 Article 2 case C3).

1.55 The prohibition or approval of the use of certain fishing gear in lakes Prespa and Dojran (Royal Decree 249/1972 Article 1 paragraph 2).

1.56 The temporary suspension of fishing licenses and sponge for a certain period in an area territorial competence of the municipality, and if the protection of fish production and regulation of fishing and sponge (Royal Decree 666/1966 Article 7 v.d.152 / 1969 Article 1 paragraph 2).

1.57 The issue money orders to return proceeds from the exploitation of fish farms Messolonghi – Aitolikou (Article 65 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 420/1970).

1.58 The approval for conversion or replacement of tools in Messolonghi lagoon – Aitolikou (NW 435/1970, Government Gazette 142 A).

1.59 The proposed allocation of funding for expropriation aquatic and terrestrial areas (Article 3 of Legislative Decree 420/1970, as amended by article 3 § 1 item. 3 n.1740/1987).

1.60 The decision to establish conditions for amateur licenses to residents of other areas in ponds and Polyphytos Mornou (Article 5 § 5 of Law 972/1979, Government Gazette 224 A).

1.61 The decision to use food, fish, non-exploitable tailings or barren land in cooperation with the (Presidential Decree 402/1988, Article 18 § Note Bii) Article 1 of Decree 420/1970)

1.62 The decision exempts obligation to provide fish auction (Article 24 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 420/1970).

1.63 The establishment of three member councils litigation fishing appeals (Article 9, paragraph 4 of Law 2040/1992)

1.64 The adoption and amendment of fishery cooperatives and providing them with technical guidance.

1.65 The authorization to amend or supplement the kind of tools with which alone permitted to fish in lakes (Article 1 of Royal Decree 249/1972, Government Gazette 58 A).

1.66 The special authorization for sand smelt fishing lake Trichonida (Article 1 of Presidential Decree 99/2003, Government Gazette 94 A), and the decision to cut the reed lakes (Article 2 paragraph 2 of the NW . 249/1972, Government Gazette 58 A).

1.67 The construction and operation of fishing shelters, infrastructure and equipment in fishing ports or ports serving vessels.

1.68 Providing an opinion on any technical modification or arrangement relating to or affecting the quays and land area of ​​auction (Legislative Decree 420/1970, Article 22 paragraph 3, Presidential Decree 422/1991 Article 1 § 3 GG 154 A).

1.69 The opinion for the concession, lease and renewal of a lease aquatic lands for the establishment, expansion and relocation of intensive or semi-intensive aquaculture for fish farmers form water, and for authorizing the establishment and operation.