Quality of Life & Proper Functioning of Cities & Settlements

Quality of Life & Proper Functioning of Cities & Settlements

Powers of Municipalities
(made in accordance with the Code of Municipalities of 3463/2006 Government Gazette 114/30.6.2006 and Law 3852/2010 Government Gazette 87/7.6.2010 Program «Kallikratis»)

1.1 Securing and continual improvement of technical and social infrastructure in towns and villages such as construction, maintenance and management of water systems, desalination, district heating projects lighting of public spaces, creating green spaces, recreational areas, squares and other outdoor public spaces.

1.2 Participation in the work of urban transport and carrying out transport for moving local residents, as well as the transport for the service and recreation such as defined in Article 83 and the relevant legislation.

1.3 The definition, construction, maintenance and operation of underground and above-ground parking spaces and control parking of cars, according to the legislation.

1.4 The traffic regulation, setting sidewalks, and one-way directional traffic, the removal of abandoned vehicles and generally taking measures to avoid adverse effects on traffic safety, according to the legislation.

1.5 The designation of sites and conditions of operation of farmer’s markets and fairs, for outdoor exercise commercial activities conducted in their region during the relevant legislation and the sites for the temporary residence of displaced populations.

1.6 Defining sites for placement of outdoor advertising display panels, and identify specific construction specifications and installation requirements banners, according to local specificities in the legislation.

1.7 The protection of consumers by setting up offices informing consumers about issues concerning their rights, the quality of the offered goods and services and their impact on health and the environment, in cooperation with the competent authorities.

1.8 Identifying specific terms and conditions of the establishment and installation shops, businesses and leisure activities within their jurisdiction affecting the natural, cultural and architectural environment and aesthetics, character and general functions of the city.

1.9 The determination of the conditions and hours of music in stores, which operate in the city, into health and regulations of the administration.

1.10 The care and measures to protect public health, including the health control of municipal water tanks, health checks of stores and businesses operating in the region, control of noise pollution, the siesta and the emission of pollutants, noise and other environmental impact of wheeled, meditation and general care for stray animals and the establishment of a shelter, according to legislation.

1.11 The care and measures to protect the lives and property of people, such as marking control of work performed on the streets and the obligations of those who carry out projects and lay tools and materials in the streets of the municipality network, measures and control for protection against dangerous buildings, lack of health and safety measures in work performed and generally of activities that pose a risk to life and property of residents.

1.12 The care and measures to protect and enhance the aesthetics of cities and settlements.

1.13 The care and measures to seamless access in public areas.

1.14 The names of streets, squares, tagging information and numbering buildings.

1.15 The study projects the maintenance and improvement of the road network competence municipality.

1.16 The development of traffic studies and the planning, implementation and supervision of works marking, signaling and lighting of roads in the municipality.

1.17 The definition of urban bus lines, the starting point, the route of stops and the goal of routes and a specification attitudes and passenger waiting shelters urban and interurban lines.

1.18 The Pricing urban transportation services providers.

1.19 The setting of each subject, which involves the installation, operation and maintenance of elevators, and the granting of the relevant technical professional licenses in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the PD 78/2006 (Government Gazette 80 A) and related JMD

1.20 The authorization for construction or manufacturing engineering station antenna for installation on land, in accordance with Article 24a of Law 2075/1992 (Government Gazette 129 A), as amended, and the penalties for offenders.

1.21 The authorization for installation and license luminescence tubes, neon signs and electric hoist and control their operation.

1.22 The recommendation committee amicable settlement out of court settlement of disputes between suppliers and consumers or consumer associations, the keeping of the findings of the relevant committee and the records on consumers.

1.23 The specification for the attitudes and passenger waiting shelters of urban and interurban lines.

1.24 The prohibition of creating parking in specific areas.

1.25 The receipt of withdrawn bicycles, motorcycles and scooters, where there are no branches ODDY.

1.26 The determination of the external coloring of taxis.

1.27 The withdrawal of authorizations city bus from the turnover within the same calendar year pursuant to article 31 of Law 2963/2001.

1.28 The collection of stray dogs, and the establishment or improvement of facilities shelters stray dogs.

1.29 Defining the start and end times of work of seafarers and artergatov.

1.30 The administration of health booklets to ekdorosfageis.

1.31 The licensing of producers and how it is perceived by the relevant municipality where the producer resides. The power does not extend to issuing the districts of Athens and Thessaloniki.

1.32 The input to the EFET and checks or other instruments that seek the veracity of EFET and in accordance with their instructions.

1.33 The licensing regulations technicians repair and maintenance of cars, motorcycles and scooters.

1.34 The licensing regulations road transport of passengers and goods.

1.35 The grant, renewal, revocation and withdrawal of authorizations fitness as well as establishing and operating schools for driving and motorcycle.

1.36 Permitting the establishment and operation of repair and maintenance of cars, motorcycles and scooters and other related facilities, as well as inspections and electrical inspections.

1.37 The granting of authorization to maintenance crews and repair parts for disposal Card Exhaust Control (VTC), and the monitoring and control of Exhaust Control Centers.

1.38 The granting of authorization to maintenance crews and repair parts for fitting speed limiters.

1.39 The visa card inspection and repair of rental vehicles.