Other responsibilities of Member Data at the Local Level

Other responsibilities of Member Data at the Local Level

Powers of Municipalities
(drawn up in accordance with the Code of Municipalities of 3463/2006 Government Gazette 114/30.6.2006 and Law 3852/2010 Government Gazette 87/7.6.2010 Program «Kallikratis»)


1.1 The respect of the register and the register male, the issuing of licenses thereunder, and that the obligations arising from the legislation for the creation and maintenance of the National Registration.

1.2 Compliance status records, which recorded the events Births occurring in their region and for extracts of civil status documents.

1.3 The keeping of official documents and issuing copies.

1.4 Periodic updating of public services for the personal situation changes, resulting from the holdings data.

1.5 Compliance with the obligations arising from the current electoral law.

1.6 Compliance with the obligations arising from the legislation on citizenship and Immigration.

1.7 The granting civil marriage license and the commission of such marriages.

1.8 The establishment, maintenance and operation of cemeteries and cremation services centers, and the authorization of burial and cremation.

1.9 The granting of the certificate of permanent residence.

1.10 Monitoring compliance with the provisions relating to temporary premises installation displaced populations.

1.11 Monitoring compliance with the provisions regarding pets.

1.12 Monitoring compliance regarding the General Building Regulations and construction characterized dangerous.

1.13 The grant, revocation and withdrawal of permits for the establishment, operation and installation of shops and businesses, operating conditions and installation are established by the applicable legislation and relevant health regulations and provisions, and monitoring compliance with them.

1.14 Compliance with the provisions governing the opening hours of shops.

1.15 The grant, revocation and removal permits installation and operation of cinemas, theaters and similar businesses and conducting planned inspections.

1.16 The grant, revocation and removal permits for the establishment and operation of playgrounds and various recreational activities such as amusement parks, circuses, runs aftokinitidion, musical concerts and other artistic events, provided by law, and control of compliance with the relevant provisions.

1.17 The granting, revoking and withdrawing authorizations technical recreational games and internet service providers, and checking that the relevant provisions.

1.18 The granting and revoking authorization musical instruments, and control of compliance with the relevant provisions.

1.19 The granting and revoking licenses for the exercise standing outdoor trade, licensing fairs and outdoor Christmas markets in accordance with Article 2 of Law 3377/2005 (Government Gazette 202 A), and the monitoring of compliance with the provisions concerning the open trade and open markets.

1.20 Authorization zoilatou vehicle in their region.

1.21 The removal of the permit by the building for non-payment of contributions to IKA

1.22 The granting and revocation of license to install and use the premises for the activities of the person extradited, and checking that the relevant provisions.

1.23 The enforcement of the law by tourism businesses tourist interest, according to the specific provisions of the law.

1.24 The granting of permits for advertising, outdoor advertising Framing, mounting signs identifying professional activity to natural and legal persons as well as renting space for viewing activities in entities that pursue public purposes, as well as the control of the provisions on outdoor advertising specifications banners and signs, removal of illegal outdoor advertising and signs and the imposition of fines provided for by the terms and conditions provided by law.

1.25 The authorization motorbike rental shops.

1.26 The intake and change of surname and the mother’s name and surname, stating intake of children born out of wedlock or is unknown parents.

1.27 The Hellenization of the name Greeks abroad, expatriate foreigners who acquire Greek citizenship repatriates and expatriates who have the Greek citizenship.

1.28 The definition of time limits running shops and businesses.

1.29 Injections (the city council) permits for the establishment supermarket retailing.

1.30 Injections (a decision city council) license to exercise outdoor street trading and the determination of the maximum number of such licenses in the municipality, and the constitution (by decision of the mayor) Commission Open-itinerant traders.

1.31 The approval (by decision of city council) function the Sunday Markets, and the permission to participate in these markets.

1.32 The decisions establishing, moving, dismantling and determining how the general functioning public market pursuant to applicable law including granting professional and production licenses, and any other related object, apart from the decision of placement vendors at street markets, issued by the Regional Council at regional unity. These powers do not involve municipalities in the prefectures of Attica and Thessaloniki.

1.33 A committee for the control of sellers, producers and professionals street markets.

1.34 The implementation of existing legislation on licensing kiosks.

1.35 A decision on the determination of opening hours, lunchtime and closing of pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses, and determining for each year the number of pharmacies that day-and overnight.

1.36 The authorization of a person who keeps shop selling dog or cat (after exposure Veterinary Authority) and the permission of the store.

1.37 The licensing regulations barber, hairdresser, craftsman manicure and pedicure, and the constitution of the relevant Selection Committee and Disciplinary Board.

1.38 The authorization book reports pursuant to Article 17 of Law 3377/2005, and the related control and sanctions.

1.39 The licensing organization reports (excluding international) dealing with matters of operation and supervision of such.

1.40 The licensing suitability showrooms indoor permanently or temporarily or outdoor or mixed.

1.41 Creating parking wheeled and lease option real estate, according to the legislation.

1.42 The possibility of granting use municipal property or the payment of the rent to cover the housing needs of the fire service.