Powers of Municipalities
(drawn up in accordance with the Code of Municipalities of 3463/2006 Government Gazette 114/30.6.2006 and Law 3852/2010 Government Gazette 87/7.6.2010 Program «Kallikratis»)

1.1 The development of local programs for the protection and enhancement of the natural, architectural and cultural environment in the framework of national and European policies.

1.2 The protection and management of water resources, protection of land and inland waters by fishing (lagoons, lakes, farms, rivers) and the fight against pollution in the region.

1.3 The establishment and operation of municipal laboratories.

1.4 The cleanliness of all public areas of their territorial region, the collection and management of waste, and the construction, maintenance and management of sewer systems and sewage treatment and preventive and repressive measures for the protection of the public areas, especially the dumpsite event of fire, according to the existing legislation.

1.5 Assistance to the appropriate fire department, by any means at their disposal to deal with fires, especially in areas that have forest character.

1.6 The establishment and operation of slaughterhouses.

1.7 The design, management and execution of housing and urban development.

1.8 The measures to restore and regenerate areas of the region, notably in areas where growing exploitation of mineral wealth and installed waste treatment facilities.

1.9 The measures to restore and regenerate areas of the region, notably in areas where growing exploitation of mineral wealth and installed waste treatment facilities.

1.10 The designation of sites to make cemeteries and give an opinion to determine sites cremation.

1.11 The issuance of building permits, the pre-checking for their issuance, verification studies for building permits, planning their similar responsibilities, and monitoring and enforcing fines for making illegal constructions, legislation, without prejudice to the case 45 of Article 280 of present.

1.12 The control architectures, static, hydraulic and electromechanical studies, study insulation, design of passive fire protection and related tax information to issue a revised building permits industrial buildings upon the requirements in paragraphs 1 through 3 of Article 5 of PD 78/2006 (Government Gazette 80 A).

1.13 The application control street plans the ground before approving billboards application.

1.14 The pension application charts and diagrams established situation.

1.15 Control topographical for pension and actuarial adjustment operations or implementing acts.

1.16 Supervise topographic studies and studies Implementation Act SP.

1.17 The syntax Implementation Act.

1.18 Monitoring the Clean Beaches Program – Clean Seas the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

1.19 The decision on fixing individual buildings or areas within which the faces of buildings should be completes within six (6) years from the issuance of the building permit or the decision in accordance with Article 22 § 6 of n . 1577/1985 (Government Gazette 210 A).

1.20 The preliminary rehabilitation proposal given area, according to the provisions of Articles 9 and 10 of Law 2508/1997 (Government Gazette 124 A).

1.21 The opinion for derogation from the terms of layout building construction for geoktinotrofikes, geoptinotrofikes or aquaculture facilities, and storage of fertilizers, medicines, feed, agricultural and fishing supplies, agricultural and fishery products, shelters slaughtering and tank of any material.

1.22 The implementation of urban plans and related performers acts, not general in nature.

1.23 The application control street plans in the territory, according to article 115 K.B.P.N.

1.24 The implementation of approved projects on the ground, in anticipation of paragraph 1 of Article 155 K.B.P.N.

1.25 The management of solid waste at temporary storage, transfer, treatment, recycling and general use, distribution, operation of related facilities, construction of processing plants and recovery and rehabilitation of existing repositories (CH.A.D.A.). The management is carried out according to the same design, drawn up by the Region during the specific provisions of Article 186 § F No. 29 of this Law.

1.26 The responsibility, under the applicable fire provisions, the observance of obligations cleaning service from the owners, occupiers and usufructuary of land and other open spaces, located within cities, towns and villages and within 100 meters from the boundaries as well as the obligation automatically cleaning the municipalities in the event of failure of the debtors. Against those who do not comply fined fifty (50) minutes per square meter in the space, which is a revenue of the municipality concerned, attesting to their detriment equivalent expenditure by the municipality for cleaning and sue for the offense of Article 433 of the Criminal Code.

1.27 The spot checks, to determine the quality of concrete reinforcing steel.

1.28 The spot checks, to determine the quality of cement products.

1.29 The authorization for installation and operation of dry cleaning, laundry, sidirotirion machines and carpet cleaning.