Powers of Municipalities
(drawn up in accordance with the Code of Municipalities of 3463/2006 Government Gazette 114/30.6.2006 and Law 3852/2010 Government Gazette 87/7.6.2010 Program «Kallikratis»)

1.1 The implementation or participation in integrated local plans and action plans and initiatives for the implementation and development of policies to promote employment and social integration of different categories of the unemployed in the context of national and European policies.

1.2 Promotion and support of entrepreneurship and vocational training services with the establishment and operation Centre for Vocational Guidance and Vocational Training tailored to local needs and circumstances and especially the populations of mountain, rural and insular areas under national and European design.

1.3 Contributing to absorb the labor force in the region with the development of advisory activities are free to the unemployed, to support and encourage them to find employment and to promote equal access to the labor market by creating Municipal and Community Information Offices Employment, in cooperation with relevant public bodies and businesses in the area.