Adopt the New Theatre Mani

Adopt the New Theatre Mani
AnoiktoTheatroManisAt Exo or North «aposkieri» Mani, at Zigo, namely the position Kampinari Platsa, rises a hill, ending at the top of a smooth plateau bearing the place name Campos. The plateau that dominates the preserved monumental complex of domed basilica of St. Nicholas, which is time-fied in the 10th century and historiated paleologian with frescoes of the 14th century.

In western hillside, sited the Open Theatre Mani capacity 1,560 seats, with provision 10 additional seats specially designed for people with disabilities.

The design and construction of outdoor theater is part of the efforts of the municipality West Mani for the emergence and creation of an active core culture in the region. According to the programmatic design of the City, the theater will be an important reference point and also the springboard for cultural development of the region, as it will provide to local cultural institutions that will manage, the ability to organize and host theatrical performances, musical events and cultural events and high standards than local importance. The theater itself has already become a landmark, and the start will help to upgrade not only the cultural and economic life of the region, offering many employment opportunities to local residents and constituting an attraction for visitors.

Currently importance of completion of construction of building infrastructure, the landscaping and the equipment of the Open Theatre Mani. In addition, however, require regular program design and organizational dynamics, so that the building infrastructure to inspire action and provide the ability to operate a cultural center hyperlocal specifications, and local interest.

Desirable, the formation of a governing body, management, planning, coordinating and implementing cultural activities, in the municipality or in direct collaboration with the Municipality will initiate the completion of the theater, will determine the basic principles and objectives of the artistic and cultural use and guarantee the long-term planning and scheduling events and cultural activities and events of high quality.

Anyone can contribute. Anyone can help this great effort.

Helped you to support our Open Theatre Mani.