In this section we inform you about the actions of the municipality West Mani on issues related to volunteering, social assistance, immigrants, youth, culture, tourism, sports, health, environment, recycling, saving energy and use renewable energy.

The recommendation Volunteer Group, aims to foster and promote volunteerism in the municipality West Mani, namely the awareness of their participation in voluntary activities related mainly to environmental, emergency, social welfare and culture.

Members Group Volunteering

Kalliopi Spirea – Mparmpetsea Member, Coyncilman
Dimitrios Mitseas Member, Coyncilman
Ioannis Karolemeas Member
Dimitrios Sereleas Member
Stavroula Mpogea Member
Christina Skarpalezou Member
Christos Manoleas Member
Konstantinos Mpalachtaris Member
Panagiotis Mparmpetseas Member
Stavros Loukareas Member
Spiros Pouleas Member
Themistoklis Aggelopoulos Member
Panagiotis Nikas Member
Stavros Petreas Member


The Commission recommended to:
1. Creating Social Grocery designed to meet the primary needs of survival for needy families and the citizens who are in poverty.
2. Capturing large families, the disabled, single-parent families, ex-prisoners, the detoxified and declared poor in order to qualify for exemption from a municipal taxes.

Members of the Social Welfare and Social Development

Mayor West Mani President
Sonia Grigoriadou Member
Aleka Katsikea Member
Stamatoula Polimenea – Xepapadea Member
Maria Kiskira – Kapitsinou Member
Hlias Katsareas Member
Anna Sarantea – Matzounea Member
Eftixia Toumpou – Malama Member


The Council’s work Immigrant Integration is the recording and investigation of the problems faced by immigrants on their smooth integration with their contact with the Municipal Authority.

Council Members Immigrant Integration

Panagiota Giannakea – Tsikna President, Councillor
Stavros Babaroutsos Sotiriou Member, Councillor
Konstantinos Lamprineas Member, Councillor
Stavros Babaroutsos Georgiou Member, Councillor
Eleni Kompoti Member, Representatives of social institutions


The Culture Committee recommends and helps organize cultural activities in order to entertain citizens, promotion of the Municipality, to enhance the cultural wealth of the region and the preservation of the environment.

Committee Members Culture

Mayor West Mani President
Christos Kiskiras Member, Coyncilman
Ioannis Dimouleas Member
Christina Skarpalezou Member
Mixalis Polimeneas Member
Stavros Xideas Member
Eleni Kompoti Member
Georgios Mantzouneas Member
Panagiotis Lourmpeas Member
Stathis Anastasopoulos Member
Ioannis Xideas Member
Stavros Laios Member
Eleni Moundrea Member
Dimirios Papastathis Member
Charalampos Marsteleas Member


The Tourist Commission recommends to the City Council on tourism development, promotion and display of the municipality.

Economic Commission Members

Diakoumis Kivelos President, Vice Mayor
Alexandros Routzounis Member, Vice Mayor
Vasileios Kozompolis Member, Coyncilman
Dimitrios Katsikeas Member, Coyncilman
Konstantinos Lamprineas Member, Coyncilman
Dimosthenis Kordopatis Member
Stavros Tzaneteas Member
Konstantinos Mantzounes Member
Sonia Grigoriadou Member
Georgios Theodorakeas Member
Georgios Papadeas Member
Georgios Koumoundouros Member
Aikaterini Exarxoulea Member
Georgios Mposinas Member


The Sports Commission recommends and helps organize sport activities, aimed at entertainment Municipality, the Sports and visibility of the municipality with its introduction.

Members Sports Commission

Georgios Tsimiklis President, Coyncilman
Kalliopi Spurea – Mparmpatsea Member, Coyncilman
Dimitrios Mitseas Member, Coyncilman
Christos Kiskiras Member
Antonios Saranteas Member
Ioannis Xideas Member
Stavros Papadeas Member
Stavros Laios Member
Leonidas Kazoleas Member
Revveka Moutzourea Member
Christos Chouchoumis Member


The Municipality of West Mani by Decision 234/2011 of the City Council decided to integrate the municipality, on nonprofit «National Intermunicipal Network of Healthy Cities – Health Promotion.»
The aim is to design and action to promote health, improve the environment and improve the quality of life of citizens (information and awareness of the citizens and residents of the municipalities – states, as well as to undertake and execute programs preventive Medicine for the early diagnosis and generally to promote the health of local populations), and the adoption and implementation of the «Healthy cities», the World health Organization of the cities – Members.
Also, the aim is to create networks of cooperation between the municipalities – members, with a view to improving the physical, cultural, social environment and the level of prosperity of the people living in the wider boundaries of the municipalities involved.


The Municipality of West Mani participates in the European Network RURENER, an innovative initiative that began two years ago with a European project funded by the European Programme «Intelligent Energy for Europe».
The European project RURENER aimed at creating and strengthening a network of small rural municipalities with a view to technically assist participating municipalities to acquire comprehensive energy policy to promote energy neutrality, ie to be able to meet their energy needs in the long term from renewable energy sources and to promote actions in conservation and rational use of energy locally.
The specific objectives of the project RURENER concern:

  • the methodological and technical support rural municipalities of network energy saving and renewable energy
  • to facilitate exchange of experience and reciprocity within the network of resources and tools relating to design and evaluate renewable energy resources
  • to encourage energy-saving actions in rural areas of the municipalities of the network
  • to encourage rational use of energy and to encourage private and public investment for renewable energy in rural areas of the municipalities of the network
  • to encourage use of local resources and sources
  • in promoting energy-neutral regions, including through awareness of rural municipalities on energy saving and renewable energy
  • promote innovative local development.


The new Municipal Authority of the City of West Mani, showing active interest in environmental issues and sustainable development, entered into a contract with the RECYCLING SA, which is the body responsible for the organization and operation of Alternative Management System Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Greece.
For the collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment placed in various parts of the Municipality metal bins for small electrical appliances, paper bins for lamps, and a bucket – container for collecting large electrical and electronic devices.