Beach Santova

12 km outside Kalamata beach is Santova, which is one of the most fashionable beaches. The beach consists of fine sand and small pebbles. Above the beach there is a parking area and if along with your bathroom you can enjoy your drink in conjunction with a wild party, then Santova is the most popular beach with many beach bar for endless fun.

Beach Ritsa

Right at the entrance of Kardamyle at school right there is the beach Ritsa. The beach is of white pebbles and is exposed to the sun, so it is advisable to bring along some umbrella. You’ll find space for parking on the beach.

In summer you can rent a pedalo or canoe.


Beach Fonea



The beach Foneas is one of the most famous «unknown» beaches.

You will find it just outside Kardamyle heading to Areopolis. Driving down a dirt road, you will find yourself in a small paradise with turquoise waters, white pebbles and rocks to provide natural shade.




Beach Delfinia

A few kilometers after Kardamyle and just before you reach the Stoupa, you will find on your right a lovely bay with turquoise waters. The beach is sand and fine pebbles and is almost always calm waters after it protects the vagina. Above the beach there is an organized camping, and the beach is accessed by a dirt road. The car can reach 300 meters before the beach, they have to continue on foot.

Beach Kalogria


The beach of Nun, just before the Stoupa is one of the most famous beaches of Messinia. The beach is organized, consists of fine golden sand and is full sun loungers and umbrellas from the adjacent beach bar.

You can hire a pedalo or canoe and beach volley court at the center of the beach.



Beach Stoupa


The beach of Stoupa is located right on the main road to Stoupa. With fine golden sand and turquoise waters, thousands of visitors every summer.

Just above the beach are dozens of cafes and restaurants as well as shops selling souvenirs on a street bustling daily.




Beach Agios Dimitrios
Just 5 km from Stoupa is the beautiful sandy beach of Agios Dimitrios. The beach is sand and has several trees for shade while running and cafeteria beach front.

Beach Chalikouras
Located at the southern end of Stoupa. It is a secluded pebble beach with crystal clear turquoise waters. Suitable for those looking for a quiet beach to enjoy the sun and sea.

Beach Kalamitsi
Leaving Kardamyle direction Stoupa meet the Kalamitsi, a uniquely beautiful, quiet little beach with small pebbles, surrounded by greenery.

Beach Katafigio
In Katafigio, 500 meters from the village of Agios Dimitrios, the scenery is spectacular. Horizontal stone slabs and rocks into the sea. This area attracts many swimmers who engage in diving off the rocks and enjoy the hot sun. However, be careful when in the area there is a surge.

Beach Malsova
Located in Agios Dimitrios and consists of gravel. The water is clean and the side there are small rocks. There is also car parking.

Beach Pantazis
You encounter between the villages of Agios Dimitrios and Agios Nikolaos. With sand and surrounded by trees, it is an organized beach with sun beds and umbrellas. It also runs a cafeteria where you can enjoy a coffee or refreshment.

Beach Gnospi
Agios Nikolaos is a beautiful bay with rocks and clear turquoise waters. The area is called Gnospi and gathers many people enjoying the sun, sea and diving in a unique landscape.