General Information

General Information

The Municipality of West Mani based Kardamyle, is a municipality of the Peloponnese Region established by the Program Kallikratis from the combination of pre-existing municipalities Abia and Lefktrou and consists of 27 local communities.

The Municipality of West Mani located on the western side of the mountain of Taygetos, which leads to the cape Tainaro. Begins just outside Kalamata and ends at the boundaries of the Local Community of St. Nikon. The population of the new municipality is 7,280 residents, according to Census 2011 and covers a geographical area of ​​402,809 acres.

The economy of the new municipality is mainly based on agriculture with major crops of olives. It also builds in animal husbandry, in construction and in large part on tourism, because of the existence of hotel units in the coastal – mainly – zone.

Municipal Section of Abia (click to above information)

The Municipality of Avia includes the following Local Communities:

Avia, Altomira, deceit, Cabo, Center, Wells, Stavropigio, Sotirianika

Municipal Section Lefktrou (click for more info)

The Municipal Lefktrou Section includes the following Local Communities:

Kardamili, Saint Nicholas, Nikon, Exohori, booths, Karyovouni, brown, Dell, Milea, Neohori Nomitsi, Platsa, Suburb, Prosilio, Tower Kalamon Rigglia, Saidona, cervical Tseria