National Trail 32
Connects Bytina of Arcadia Kardamyle. The total path length of about 150 km, runs from Bytina and passing the village Zygovitsi, Dimitsana Gorge Lucy Karytena, villages Leontari, Georgitsi, the Dell in Taygetos, crosses Taygetos (shelter – ravine Vyros ) and ends at the beach Kardamyle.

Other Routes

Path: Sotirianika – Mpiliovo – Altomira – Koskaraka – Santova
Hours of course: 8
In 14 km from Kalamata on the way to Mani arrive in the village Sotirianika. Follow the signals and after passing the bridge of the village, we walk on the forest road, which leads us to the authority of eminent Mpiliovo. It is the best preserved path with 75 turns. We ascend the path and then walking for two hours we reach the village Altomira. Guided by climbing signals, cross the village and after we pass a sheepfold find the downhill path, which of course then 1.30, leads us in the Gorge Rintomos. We walk on the cobbles, following right downhill side and after 1.30, we see the old bridge of Campos.
We continue through the stream for Koskaraka and Santova (if we get tired, we go up to the bridge from the right side and walk on the cobblestones, which after 30 course, brings us back to the village Sotirianika). The walkers we continue in the stream, and after one hour we reach – great art – Koskaraka old bridge, which is under the bridge, from which the motorway passes Kalamata – Kardamyle. We continue to shingle and then from 1.30 we arrive at Santova.

Path: Tseria – Exohori – Kardamili
Hours beam: 2.30
Drivers on the road that connects well with Mani. At the 28th kilometer abandon the road and approach the village Tseria. Shortly after the last houses of the village, we find the well-preserved cobbled path which descends to Canyon Vyros. Follow the path, enjoying the spectacular views and 30 reach the riverbed. Passing through the watercourse and look for the signs that lead us to the beginning of the path on the opposite slope. Follow the path and walk in 45 rural road that leads to the village Exohori.
We cross the village with his settlements and numerous churches. The paved road, just after school, meet the cafe “Pine”. At this point we descend right with our attention to signals, looking for the beginning of the path, which seems faintly. We walk the path and 20 approach the village of Agia Sophia, which offers beautiful views. We continue the good paved path and 30 reach in the Kardamy’li where is the end of our route.

Path: Top Saint Nicon – Altitude 1,209 meters
Hours of course: 5 (3 hours ascent – two hours downhill)
The peak is located in Agios Nikon Midwestern Mani and hangs like a giant helmet above the village. The village of Agios Nikon is 1.30 from Kalamata and is located on the main road Kalamata – Areopolis. We start our walk from the village square, heading east.
We climb the steep climb and after the last house of the village, we find the well-maintained trail, which climbs the south-east. Continue uphill and after 1.30 we reach the pass, under the conical top Triskono. We continue the climb to the north in several sharp trail and 30 arrive in large terraces, planted with walnut trees. Continue steeply and after 30 we are on the ridge. From here “staring” Messinian gulf up to Kalamata and Laconic bay until Kythira. Turned westwards and after 20 arrive in small flat area in which, according to tradition, Saint Nikon built the small church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and the cistern for storing water, which even today has excellent functionality, since it gathers rain water from the roof undrground arch that serves as accommodation pilgrims (the inner walls of the cistern there are several paintings of great religious and historical significance). Shortly west at 100 meters, is located at elevation 1,209 feet, in the «seat».
The return is by the same route.

Route: Canyon Koskaraka – Rintomos
Hours of course: 5.30
We start from Kalamata and move on the way to Mani. At 20 km the village turn Campos and 10 km we arrive in the village center – Gaitses. From the village follow the dirt road and after 45 we arrive at «Mana». There we find the path, which leads us downhill Pigadiotis bridge. We enter the gorge and follow path uphill walking on pebbles. We continue walking on pebbles and 1.45 we find the stream of curry and the church of Panagia Kapsodematousas. According to legend, the Virgin Mary burned bales of reapers who laughed at. After a brief stop we continue the gorge and after 45 we arrive at Rintomos and seasonal settlement, which lies beneath the imposing massif of «spoiled the Mountain,» with an altitude of 2,204 meters. Back to Gaitses by the same route.